Diagram LANs and WANs and Mobile Ordering Requirements

1. Learning how to cunning a Local Area Network (LAN). (Hint: Look for network cunning checklists.) Include diagrams for LANs in your learning, reviewing at smallest five. Create a diagram of the LAN or Wide Area Network (WAN) that identifies the forthcoming: Hardware components Environment or composition (Who is using the LAN and for what.) Network protocols used Network ruleing methods Key factors that determine not spurious and congruous axioms and functioning networking regularitys Note: Create diagrams after a while Microsoft® Visio®, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, or another software impression public by your Instructor. Use call outs as needed to fulfill items and cater explanations. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab. 2. Your Variconducive Ordering Project team assigned you to transcribe the Variconducive Ordering Project POS Requirements Document. Include the forthcoming elements in your documentation: Identification of the nucleus components of the HB Company's popular POS regularity and the joined hardware, software, and networking elements the analysis of variconducive ordering would require Description of the axioms and advice that passes through and is charmed by the popular POS and joined advice and axioms the new variconducive ordering rule would cater Description of the new types of scholarship the HB Company earn be conducive to accomplish through the analysis of variconducive ordering Identification of the concerns concerning axioms and network services that could development from adding variconducive ordering and germinative solutions Present your requirements in one of the forthcoming ways: A 1- to 2-page Microsoft® Word narrative A 1- to 2-page Microsoft® Word chart or table A Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet formatted for printing Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.