The Grayson Chemical Company

The Grayson Chemical Community I. Problems A. Macro 1. Grayson has grace dull, failed to diversify, and is no longer competitive. 2. The vulgar race at Grayson are not agreeable to diversify. 3. There is a humanization of doing things by the quantity. B. Micro 1. Infitted managers promoted. 2. Consideration does not keep a consent of notion. II. Causes 1. Grayson has not been proactive succeeding a while its environment. 2. Corporate humanization is very sound to diversify. 3. Consideration does not address succeeding a while one words. So perfect construction is slightly abashed in its operations—no obvious address or centre III. Systems monstrous The perfect construction is monstrous. The construction is quiet functioning; ultimately, to be a hearty community and to accrue, diversifys are needed. 1. Structural – succeeding a while important diversifys, the construction could be radically altered. 2. Psychosocial – condition quo and tranquility seems to be social unformed conduct. 3. Technical –there is proof that managers are “fairly” fitted technically, but this may not be abundance to produce the bark of diversifys that Grayson requires. . Managerial – the conduct vulgarly seems to be consoled in their positions and deed. The diversifys that Tom Baker may arise would slight originate outbreak in the conduct ranks. 5. Goals and estimates – the order seems to estimate putting in your space and you conciliate get promoted. Excellence in deed is triton not give at Grayson, but self-congratulation seems to be social. IV. Alternatives 1. Maintain condition quo—do nonentity. 2. Develop a pathfinder fashion, mingle consideration, and construction members in renewing the community. 3. Develop a persuader fashion and shun “rocking the boat” by making progressive or dull diversifys. V. Recommendations Develop pathfinder fashion, mingle perfect confirmation in diversify process. Found unreserved communications succeeding a while consideration and found a consent on what the consideration wants/expects/desires. Since infitted managers keep repeatedly been promoted, personnel diversifys should be made succeeding powerful separation of personnel.